How to Plan Your National Parks Vacation

Lorne Daniels | Apr 05 2019

If you love vacations full of nature and incredible sights, a trip to one or more of our glorious national parks might be just right for you. All across the country, you can experience the land as it once was through the preservation efforts of the National Parks Service.

Best National Parks

Some of the parks are more heavily trafficked than others, and with good reason; namely, they’re absolutely stunning. Here are the top three best national parks destinations.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This park is located in North Carolina and Tennessee and features scenic highways and over 800 miles of hiking trails. It’s a favorite for people who would prefer to drive through a park rather than walking.

Grand Canyon National Park

As the name suggests, this park is home to the iconic Grand Canyon. 6.2 million people visited the mile-deep hole in 2017, and it’s Arizona’s most famous vacation destination. Word of warning: the fame often means large crowds at the choicest viewing spots.

Zion National Park

The highs and lows in Utah’s Zion National Park are equally as beautiful. You can check out the famous canyons, cliffs, rock towers, and other topography that makes that park such a popular destination.

National Parks Pass: Worth It?

Few things in life are free, and entrance to our national parks is no exception to the rule. You’ll likely have to pay for a vehicle permit and potentially pay day use or other fees charged at various parks.

There are a couple ways to save big on national park fees, though. Some parks offer free admittance on certain days or weekends, so you could plan your visit around those days. The Parks Service also offers a national parks pass that waives vehicle permit and day use fees at over 2,000 national parks sites nationwide, plus may also give a discount on other fees.

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